Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3 days to blast off!

It's 3 days to blast off and the list is still mounting. Not a single solitary thing is packed ! Bonsai tree is safely @ the nursery for babysitting. Easter baskets goodies are all stored and waiting for the bunny to deliver. List is at least made for packing! Box of essentials is sent off to LA and I actually took a day off from practice ( much to Jim's dismay) to try to get a very few things done! Now if I can only get a few more done today!
Why do I think I'm going to wake up tomorrow and it's going to be Saturday!
Everybody together feet together on the line......

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ask and it is given!

Know me and know I was worried about a roomate! Would I get a 20 year old partier that came in at 2 am on Saturday night when I was so enjoying my precious SLEEP! or worse yet a SLOB! Would the Felix Unger Oscar Madison war ensue? Would I get someone who was too young to know who they were? No NO trust the universe to handle that. I'm going to get someone who's intentions are perfectly aligned with mine. I know it. Translation someone my age who's there to practice the yoga, get some SLEEP and yeah sure have a laugh or two- or ten!
BINGO facebook to the rescue. On the last day for roomate requests the good ole universe delivered.
Welcome Devra Mattes to my Bikram TT experience- (and me to hers!) and my life to the 9 weeks!
Teacher Training!

CPR First aid and Talula

Well I decided that I roll the dice and go for my CPR/ first aid here in good ole' Fort Myers . Hoping that if I get that one out of the way, I MIGHT have a free afternoon in LA. Somehow I'm feeling ahhhhh. NO. Always expect the unexpected when it comes to Bikram Teacher Training. Like- if you know your dialogue going in, then ya just might have to deliver in while IN a whole other pose OR in the voice of say Darth Vader or another character decided upon by the teachers on the spot as "homework" to challenge you.
So Somehow I think my whole " afternoon off " idea may not work out. But oh well, it's done.
Yesterday Jim decided that we were going to just rip through all the postures from Half moon on. "Sure... Ah. Ok"
 More like " Ok?"  I said.
I was totally dead cold because I had the ultimalte migraine the day before.
Not " oh I have a migraine, migraine"
I laugh when people say that.
" If you HAD a migraine . You wouldn't be able to tell me you  HAD a migraine. That's how BAD I get them!
In the dark, on the bathroom floor, in the fetal positon, praying for death. That's what I get!So needless to say I hadn't looked at my dialouge in a couple of days.
Trust the process- right?
Dove right in. Thinking that, that darn standing bow pulling is going to get me I JUST KNOW IT.
WTF!! I ALWAYS know that!
It went poof!
Ahhh. " this posture is only ten seconds"
Which by the way is the biggest lie in Bikam yoga! LOL
and then it was gone. Including the sanskrtit name which I can never say. I always want to call it Tulula. Like the girls name. It sounds better to me.
I guess you just never know what's gonna getcha!
But one thing I learned is BOY it's parching to keep all that talking up!
Back to the drawing board!
" Balancing Stick Tuladandasana"......

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Food, water, trees, toes, half moons, tents, hot pots OH MY!

I can't BELIEVE in November I was learning half moon like a fiend thinking I'LL NEVER EVER LEARN THIS! How the HELL does ANYONE memorize THIS forget about 26 of these damn things?  My teacher told me about re-developing what he called my "memory" muscles and he was right as USUAL. Once I got it down and retrained my brain. It did get "somewhat" easier to memorize the next and the next and the next one. But the wording and the english flow was not mine and I STILL get stuck on a line that I can't seem to "accept " for inordinate amounts of time! Like " Bring your hands to both sides on the floor"I got stuck for a week on it. Go figure. "Touch your exactly forehead..... " -( top secret can't say more)No problem. THAT should have gotten me!" Can't figure myself out!!!
Now I'm worried about getting acceptable drinking water in my hotel room. NO human can drink LA city water as I found out after my daughter Chloe was born in Hollywood and I- ( a nursing mother), tried to DRINK LA tap water. OMG the metalic taste! My doctor said " You're not by chance actually drinking the LA water ARE YOU?"  " Why yes, yes I am!".  I think he almost rehospitalized me there on the spot after he told me about the arsenic and chlorine levels in the water!
So now I'm working on getting tons of water with no car to my room and how to live and EAT out of a hotel room with nothing but a bar size fridge for 2 people to share. No cooking facilities. ( hot pot city) Oh and then there's that FABULOUS hot hot hot yoga twice a day in the tent!
Which I just hope I'm worthy of. Oh please dear God. Don't let me get yelled by his Royal Bikramness!
I'm so projecting to the universe that I won't  ever even get noticed. I'm fly- fly- flying ,like a full locust under the yoga radar. As Jim say's " Fly baby fly!"

Sunday, March 27, 2011

There's nothing so lovely as a tree

Today( well actually FRIDAY, but I wrote it down incorrectly) was supposed to be my test on Tree pose and Toe stand. Notoriously 2 of the easiest poses in the standing series to memorize. UNLESS you're me!
A house full of wild screaming kids playing something called "dance party 2" on the WII and an english bulldog puppy relentlessly chasing a 4 pound yorkie for it's dear life, really chopped down my cherry tree!
What seemed like 9,000 times over I tried to memorize the line " right leg lifts up ALL THE WAY until your heel touches...." ( You Bikram yogi's know the rest of the secret copyrighted dialogue!)
Needless to say for the first time since January I missed a dialogue deadline. Only memorizing one of the two assigned postures. We won't discuss my terrible delivery!
Tomorrow lets hope it's not a " toe jam"
Feet together nicely!

Monday, March 21, 2011

There's no turning back now

Well it's been a GIGANTIC week. I mailed my whopping $10,900 tuition check off Fedex on Thursday and today I received my official top secret copy if Bikram's official dialogue in the mail! Boy am I even more nervous than I was . Even though I've been "training for training " since November this really makes it real. Anyone who undertakes Bikram Yoga teacher training has a tremendous investment on the 9 weeks. I think for me it's even greater. I've really got the owners of my studio to not let down. Jim really spent countless hours preparing me. ( oh Lord I can't let HIM down) Not to mention leaving the kids for 9 weeks!
Don't get me started on leaving my KIDS for 9 weeks :(

Honestly, I know I CAN AND WILL do this! A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step right?